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Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided below, answers to a list of questions and concerns most of our customers usually have, regarding their shipping needs and the transport of their vehicles, but probably not all. Our professional staff will answer any questions you may have in order to serve you better. We hope the answers below will be informative, and help make your experience with us a pleasant one. The Frequently asked questions are grouped in two sections:

Questions about International Shipping

Questions about Auto Transport

Answers about International Shipping

Q - How long in advance I need to plan for International shipping?
A - The summer months are the “peak” of the moving season. Please allow at least 4 weeks prior notice for all bookings, if possible.
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Q - How much does it cost to ship my household goods?
A - Moving costs are based on total volume (measured in cubic feet) or weight of your personal belongings. Although the exact volume cannot be determined until final packing is completed, our representative's training and work experience enable us to provide an estimate that is as near as possible to the final cost.
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Q - How can I reduce the cost of shipping?
A - One of the best ways to save on moving is selective packing. Will that king-sized bedroom set fit your new home abroad? Will that appliance work on the electrical current in your new home? Will you be able to get spare parts for it? These are questions you should ask, and your Rinkens representative will help you answer them. He knows which appliances will work and whether they would be cheaper to replace here or overseas. He can even arrange for the appliances you buy here to be delivered directly to the Rinkens warehouse for shipping.
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Q - What type of box should I use to pack my household goods?
A - Use the right boxes. Although the boxes you obtain from your neighborhood supermarket or liquor store may be free, they are not nearly as strong or padded like new boxes. They are more susceptible to causing damage to your valuables in transit.
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Q - What are steps needed to protect fragile items?
A - Be sure to point out to our packing crew the boxes in which you've packed fragile items, especially if those items are valuable. Rinkens team leader will advise you on whether those valuables need to be repacked in sturdier, more appropriate boxes. The heavier the item, the smaller the box it should occupy. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t lift the carton easily, it’s too heavy. Label all boxes.
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Q - What are the necessary steps I need to load the container?
A - The boxes that you will need first should be loaded last. This might include toys, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, blankets, pillows, and sheets. Read the inventory form carefully, and ask our team leader to explain anything you don’t understand. Make a note of your shipment’s registration number, and keep your Bill of Lading handy. It is your responsibility to see that all of your goods are loaded, so remain on the premises until loading is completed. To insure that nothing gets left behind always do a final inspection of the premises. Do not sign any releases without completing this inspection.
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Q - How is my vehicle loaded in the container?
A - We use unique reusable steel or wood racking systems, allowing us to send up to six vehicles in 40 ft. high cube containers and up to twelve vehicles in 40 ft. open top containers. Your vehicle will be prepared and loaded in the container for shipping with care and intelligence.
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Q - What type of insurance coverage do I need?
A - Rinkens will take the best possible care of your belongings, using sophisticated security measures at our warehouses. There are, however, times when for reasons beyond our control (i.e. acts of God, fire, etc.), your goods may be damaged or lost. For this reason we suggest you insure your goods with an all-risk door-to-door marine insurance immediately upon their arrival to our warehouse (this includes war insurance). While the cost of insurance is not covered by our estimate, your Rinkens representative will be glad to guide you in the matter. Remember, always insure your goods for the amount of money it would cost to replace them in the country you are moving to. Costs overseas are often much higher than in the United States. We offer a variety of insurance packages to suit your needs:

Marine Insurance - This might be the most problematic and misunderstood part of any moving contract. One of the more frequently asked questions is, “why do I need marine insurance?” There is no easy explanation to this other than, during local transportation, ground or ocean, contents are out of direct control on any freight forwarder. While contents are in Rinkens warehouse or at one of our many international handling agents warehouses, contents are insured by warehouse coverage for a limited time.

Total Loss - Your household goods or your vehicle will be covered in the vent of theft, fire, or accident on the boat and during transit.

Full Coverage - You can purchase insurance coverage for the full value of your belongings which includes protection for any damage incurred during shipping, but to qualify for the coverage, Rinkens must professionally pack and unpack the goods at both points. Always insure contents at their replacement value, in destination country.
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Q - What happens when my container reaches port of destination?
A - When the ship reaches its destination, the outer steel container will be taken to a port-bonded warehouse and will be opened while a Rinkens supervisor watches. However your individual lift van will not be opened until you come to clear customs. The Rinkens representative in your new country will send you an arrival notice as soon as the steel container is unloaded. Then our customs representative, will assist you in getting your goods cleared. If you select door-to-door or port-to-door service, you can make arrangements at that time for the delivery of your goods to your new home.
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Q - What is required to clear my container at the destination port?
A - Depending upon the county you are moving to, you will need some or all of the following documents in order to clear customs: Passport, Immigrant Certificate, Detailed packing list with value of contents, Receipts for appliances and new furniture, Tenancy contract or title for new house, Proper proof of tax exemptions, if entitled, Copy of agreement with Rinkens, Delivery order notice.
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Q - Do I need to be present when my container is delivered?
A - Be sure you’re there when the delivery crew arrives. Plan to stay around while they unload in case they have any questions. If you cannot be there personally, be sure to authorize an adult to be your representative to accept delivery. Inform the destination agent of your chosen representative’s name. Your representative will be asked to not any change in the condition of your goods noted on the inventory at time of loading.
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Answers about Auto Transport

Q - How long does it take to ship my vehicle?
A - Auto carriers pick up and deliver 8 to 10 vehicles at all times for auto transport within the United Sates, and 20 to 30 days for overseas shipping. Due to weather & road conditions, and other unforeseen factors make it impossible to guarantee the delivery date. Allow 7 to 14 days for the carriers to complete the trip on W-E runs, but can be quicker on other routes.
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Q - How many days in advance I need to call?
A - Plan enough time for us to pick up your vehicle. Two weeks in advance is recommended. We will also deal with urgent situations on an individual basis, and will be given priority status. Please call us at: (888)886-6683 to discuss your needs.
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Q - How long does it take to have my car picked up?
A - We normally schedule shipping for your vehicle with a truck within 2 to 3 days of the scheduled pick up date. Also, we can always arrange to accommodate your schedule, but you may incur additional costs.
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Q - How far in advance reservations are accepted?
A - We do accept reservations up to two months in advance.
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Q - How much does it cost to ship my car?
A - Prices are determined by mileage, vehicle size, and delivery location within the United States, and by size and weight for overseas shipping.
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Q - Do I need to pay in advance to ship my vehicle?
A - You may either prepay or pay in the country of destination through one of our agents.
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Q - What form of payment options do I have?
A - We accept Personal Checks, Cashier's Checks, Postal Money Orders, and Major Credit Cards.
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Q - Can I pack my belongings in my car?
A - As of 1998 the Department of Transportation ruled that you may NOT load any items in a vehicle on auto carriers. All trucks are subject occasionally to be inspected which includes unloading the vehicles off the truck and items in the vehicle. This could risk leaving the items behind. Auto carriers are NOT licensed to carry household goods or personal items, and are not covered by carrier's insurance. Any damage to your vehicle due to household goods shifting or braking is also not covered. Personal belongings left in the vehicle are shipped strictly at the owner's own risk. Carriers will not inventory any belongings left in the vehicle and will assume no responsibility. Also, items packed in the vehicle add weight and may cause damage to the exhaust system and or suspension of the vehicle.
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Q - What if I am unavailable to Pick up the car?
A - Have an alternative party like a friend or relative to sign on your behalf. If you are not available for the pick up of your vehicle, it may have to go to a terminal for you to pick up
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Q - What if my location is inaccessible to the truck?
A - Most trucks are 75 feet long and very wide which makes it impossible to reach most residential areas due to narrow roads, trees, power lines, city ordinances, and other road factors. The driver will attempt to get as close as possible to the delivery location, or we will arrange a convenient location like shopping center or major street crossing to pick up or deliver your vehicle.
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Q - How much gasoline do I leave in the tank?
A - Whatever is in the tank will be acceptable, except when the vehicle is shipped overseas, it is recommended the tank should be as low as possible.
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For any other questions, please feel free to call us at: (888)886-6683, and our Professional Staff will be glad to answer all your questions, and assist you with your transport needs.